Build from sources in Fedora

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Some things you need to build from sources in Fedora

This page simply lists useful links which describe everything you need to build from sources in Fedora, given that you are confident in building from sources in general. None of the below commands need root privileges.

  1. If your favourite package is already in yum, but you want to build it from source, say with non-standard options, like postfix with postgresql support, look here, in the "How to download an SRPM".
  2. Then, to build it here is how.
  3. To simply teak the enabled features, or to understand how they work, here is some basic info.
  4. If your package is in .tar.bz2 or similar format, and it contains a RPM spec file, you just run rpmbuild -ba foo.tar.bz2 to build SRPMs and RPMs out of it.